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Enable hourly rate card and time tracking options


Rate Cards are used for estimating and invoicing the costs associated with a translation job.


Some of those costs can be attributed to workers whose job is charged hourly, such as project managers, or to workers such as linguists whose job can sometimes be charged both hourly (e.g DTP) and per word/character.

Configuration of project settings to enable hourly rate cards
  1. From the topmost menu in XTM Cloud click on the Configuration tab.

  2. From the menu just below click on Settings.

  3. From the left-hand side menu, click on Projects.

  4. Go to the Time Tracking session located near the bottom of the screen.

  5. From the Enable Manual Time tracking for drop-down select whether to track time for Project Managers only or Project Managers and linguists.

Configuration of workflows to enable hourly rate cards


This setting can be overwritten in any individual project by a project manager from the workflow tab in the project editor.

  1. Create or edit a Workflow.Edit Existing Workflows

  2. Check the Calculate costs based on manual time checkbox, located within each workflow step, for each step that requires tracking of hours worked.