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Verify due date calculation criteria.


Due Dates are calculated in the Due Dates section of the Project Administration screen.

  1. By default, due dates are automatically calculated down to the workflow step level as described here. If the Project Manager wants to manually enter due dates uncheck the Auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps box.

  2. The following criteria are set only if XTM is configured to auto-calculate due dates (i.e the Auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps box is checked).


    Even with this setting enabled, a project manager can overwrite the auto-calculated due dates.

    1. Default the due date to X days ahead:

      • The default value is 5 business days.

      • This value is added to the date a project is created, analyzed, or reopened.

      • The due date will be blank by default if this value is not entered.

      • Whether this box is checked or not, a Project Manager will have the option to manually enter or change the due date.

    2. Default the due time to:

      • The default value is 2 hours.

      • This value is added to the value described in item 2a.

    3. Define business days:

      • The default is Monday to Friday (5 business days).

      • These are the working days used in the calculation of due dates.

  3. Verify the notification settings as due dates approach using the following criteria:


    These settings apply for workflow step due dates, workflow due dates, and project due dates.

    1. Disable the Send due dates emails at option or define a specific role to send notifications to as the due dates approach.

      • The default is to send notifications to PMs and the linguists assigned to the task.

    2. Set the time of day (24h clock) that these notifications are sent when they occur from the Send due dates emails at option.

      • The default is 9h and 21h UTC. Note: Multiple Times can be selected

    3. Set the limit required as the due dates approach in order to send the notifications from the Include projects that are due to expire in the next X days dropdown.

      • The default is to send notifications continuously starting 2 days before the due date until the task is completed at the intervals set in item 3b.