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XTM Academy

Adding a new user


For more info see the user definition and quick reference guide.


All steps are mandatory unless otherwise indicated.

  1. From the top menu in XTM-Cloud click on Users.

  2. From the ensuing menu, click on the User list tab located on the top left-hand side.

  3. Click on the green Add User button located on the top right-hand side.

  4. From the ensuing window enter the first and last name of the user.

  5. In the Roles list box select the role and then click the Green_Arrow_Add.png to add it to the list located to the right of this green arrow button.

    Selecting Multiple List Box Items

    Double-clicking on an item moves that item to the next box.

    For Windows, hold the ctrl key down to select multiple items one at a time, or hold the shift key down to select multiple sequential items.

    On a Mac, hold the shift key down to select multiple sequential items.

  6. If the Role selected in the previous step is a linguist then add a workflow step as indicated here .

  7. Scroll down and enter a Username.


    The username is what will appear on all records and analytics such as comments and TM entries.

  8. Enter a Nickname.


    The nickname is what appears in all XTM chats (how PMs and linguists communicate with each other) making sure that the users remain anonymous.

  9. Enter an initial password.


    By default, XTM will force the user to change this password the first time they log in. This can be changed by an administrator using this procedure.

  10. Confirm the password by re-entering it in the field that follows.

  11. Enter the user's email address.


    The e-mail address is what is used to log in to XTM.

  12. Select a default currency.


    This is used for cost estimates and invoices.

  13. Check the Send account creation e-mail box. - Optional


    This will automatically send the user an email with their login credentials including the password.

  14. Click the Save_General.png button to add this user.

  15. In the confirmation popup that appears enter your login credentials to confirm the addition or modification of this user.


    After the user is saved, multiple options will appear on the left-hand side as menus. Keep this screen open to access these menus in order to complete the remaining steps which are role dependent.