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Creating and editing workflow steps


To determine if a new workflow step needs to be added or an existing one modified, please consult the Workflow Step nomenclature guide.

  1. From the top menu, click on the Configuration tab.

  2. Click on the Settings tab.

  3. From the left-hand side menu that now appears, click on the workflow tab.

  4. From the screen that has just appeared, click on the Workflow Steps tab to the top and slightly to the right.

  5. To add a new Workflow Step click on the Add button just below and to the right.

  6. To modify an existing workflow step, double click on any step name in the workflow step list.


Use this field reference guide to complete steps 5 or 6.

Workflow step field reference
  1. Fields common to all step types.:

    1. Type

      • The Type can only be added during Step Creation. In other words, it can't be changed when editing an existing workflow step.

      • To change the type of an existing step, delete the step first and then add a new one.Delete or deactivate a work flow step.

      • There are 7 types of Workflow Steps. These types are described here.

    2. Name:

      • This field supports only Latin letters, numbers and the following characters: - _ , . ^ ! @ # $ % &;( ).

    3. Description:

      • A detailed description of the step.

    4. Active:

      • Activate or deactivate the step from here.

  2. Unique Fields specifically for the TM Approve step type.:

    1. Approve the TM of selected segments:

      • Selecting this check box approves the Criteria based on one of the selected criteria being met below:

        1. Changes Target Text

        2. Status is 'done'

        3. Status is to be 'checked'

        4. Match Type:

          1. ICE

          2. Leveraged

          3. Non-Translateable

    2. Set XTM status to green/done for all segments: true/false.

    3. If Action fails then (one of two possible selections):

      1. Move to the next step

      2. Stay in the same step