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Create a dummy project


The purpose of a dummy user is to represent costs for multiple users and every workflow step in every project that these users can execute, into a single user.

This is facilitated by creating a dummy project that contains all workflow steps possible.

  1. Create a new project by ensuring the following in the checklist below:


    If not already done by an administrator, then create a dummy workflow that contains all steps that will be used in all workflows in all projects. This dummy project will never be sent for translation but is used to create rate cards for dummy users.

    • Select only a single source language and a single target language in the translation section (step 5 in the project creation procedure)

    • Ensure that the dummy workflow that the administrator created is selected in the workflow section (step 6 in the project creation procedure).

  2. Once the project has been saved (created) from the left-hand side of this project's editor click on the workflow tab and assign a dummy user to all steps in this workflow.


    Prerequisite: create a dummy user.