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Adding a new customer


For more info see the customer definition and reference guide.

  1. From the top most menu in XTM Cloud click on the Customers tab.

  2. From the ensuing menu, click on the Customer List tab located near the top left-hand side.

  3. Click on the green Add Customer button located on the top right-hand side.

  4. In the Details Section, Enter data for the mandatory and optional fields (Consult this reference describing each option in this section).

  5. As an option, add the contact information of the customer in the Address section if relevant.

  6. Click on one of the Save_Customer.png buttons to save the customer.

  7. The Customer that was just added can now be viewed in the customer list tab.

  8. Add language combinations to this customer using the instructions indicated here.

Customer field reference - details section
  1. Customer (Mandatory):

  2. Customer Nick Name (Optional):

    • The nickname is used to hide the full customer name from the linguists. Linguists will then instead see the nickname in the Customer column in all the functions that they perform such as viewing their tasks.

  3. TM and Term Only (Optional):

    • The TM and Term Only means that the customer is only a repository for terminology and Translation Memory. Projects can't be created under such a customer.

  4. VAT Number (Optional):

    1. Merely for internal reference.

  5. Project Manager (Optional):

    1. By default, the user-configured here gets notified when a workflow step is completed in a Project that uses this Customer.

    2. If no PM is assigned to a customer, ALL PMs in the system receive a notification.

  6. Project Watchers (Optional):

    1. Additional Project Managers can be defined here who get notified when a workflow step is completed in a Project that uses this Customer.