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Updating due dates for multiple projects simultaneously.
  • This procedure will allow you to do the following:

    • Change the workflow due date (the due date for the last step of the workflow) and the project due date to the same value for a batch of projects that the user selects.

  1. From the topmost menu in XTM Cloud, click on the Projects tab.

  2. Click on the Actions tab located to the right of the third-level menu.

  3. From the project list that appears select the project whose due dates you wish to modify. If no selection is made the changes that will be made will apply to all projects on the list.


    Use the Advanced Project Filter criteria so that only relevant projects are shown in the project list. Save these searches as a project filter for reuse.

  4. Click the drop-down list that contains the words choose , and select Manage projects.

  5. Click the Run button just to the right of the dropdown.

  6. From the ensuing popup click the General tab.

  7. Complete the items in the Due date section using this guide/field reference.Project due date field reference

  8. If the Auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps is enabled then change the Percentage of whole workflow duration parameter for each workflow step by following this procedure.

  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Save button.

  • Scenario: A project is in the middle of the translation process and you are given an updated version of the source file that is currently being translated.

    In XTM, you know you can update the existing project with the new version of the source file without losing any of the translation work that has already been completed.

    However, the new version of the source file has 3,000 more words than the original. Because of this, the translation team will need an extension to complete the new scope.

  • Solution: After updating the source file, you then enter the Edit Workflow screen and update the due date for the workflow step to two days later to accommodate the additional work. The due date is now updated for the linguist as well and will be reflected in any reporting or project list data.