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Guide for reopening a closed project to make a few edits


This procedure assumes that only a few workflow steps in a few languages and files require modification.

In order to maintain as many metrics and statistics as possible, this method is preferred over removing steps from the workflow.

  1. An existing project can be re-opened by clicking the estimates_icon.png icon to the left of the project name. From the ensuing popup menu select Actions then select Reopen project. which will reactivate the last step in the project workflow for all languages.

  2. Open the project workflow tab from the project list using this procedure.

  3. In the workflow management section, each file/language combination's workflow steps will show a red/green arrow button as shown below:

  4. Click the arrow button with the red circle to send the task for that particular step to the linguist. The linguist can then accept or reject the task.


    For steps that use user groups, any task rejected by a linguist will go to the next linguist on the list.

  5. When the linguist has completed this task have them send you a message via XTM chat. Then simply press the green button on all remaining workflow steps, and select one of the options to finish the task(s) in the workflow automatically.


    The green arrow will only appear on the final step when all other workflow steps have finished.

  6. Finally, click the green arrow on the final step to complete this file/language combination workflow file/language combination.