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Dummy user


Dummy users provide an approximate cost for any user belonging to the same Language Group and Subject Matter Expertise.

Dummy Users can also be applied to LSP's.


Dummy Users are used in conjunction with rate cards.


Dummy users speed up the estimation process because a rate card only needs to be created for a single Dummy User that can represent many linguists with the same skill set, whether internal or from an LSP.

  • A dummy user requires a rate card, even when used for LSPs. A single dummy user can contain multiple rate cards.Dummy User For LSP's


    Each dummy user that is logged in, whether internal or LSP counts towards the license cost. However, since dummy users should never log in to the system, in reality, they don't count towards your license cost since only active,logged-in users are measured when determining license costs.

  • Dummy users are created in:


    Dummy Users can't be used for generating purchase orders. Purchase orders need to be exact, and dummy users approximate the cost of any individual linguist with the same expertise.

  • It is recommended practice to create a single Dummy User for one or any combination of the following items:

  • Warning

    Estimations using Dummy Users are not as exact as adding rate cards for each individual linguist, since each linguist's rates may vary from one to the other. This also applies to LSP's.