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Continuous project updates (Reanalyzing)

  • Reanalyzing recalculates the following:

    • TM matching and metrics (leaving the statistics and workflow allocations unchanged).


      TM autofill is also triggered.

    • The match type will be changed for any content that had been translated to reflect the now-created TM entry. This may impact the project metrics as content that had previously been considered a "No Match" may now have a TM entry.

    • Deletes the target segment comments by linguists added in XTM Workbench.

    • Deletes from history any generated offline files.

    • Optionally XTM can save the cost and metrics history during project reanalysis or source file update when the option "Save history of project metrics, statistics, tracked time and costs when" is enabled by an Administrator under Configuration > Data > Estimates > Cost Settings.

  • Re-analyzing occurs for all files/content in a project when:

  • Reanalyzing occurs for an individual file or piece of content in a given project when:

    • New content is added or existing content is updated for an active or closed project and the Reanalyze project checkbox is un-checked.


      If the existing content is updated, the reanalysis will keep the workflow step that was active when the content was updated.

      Optionally the reanalysis can reset the workflow to the beginning. An Administrator can enable this option using this procedure. This option is universal and will apply to all projects.


To replace or update existing source content, have a Project manager follow this procedure.

Ensure that the new source file has the same name as the existing source file you would like to replace.

  • When a source file is replaced, the linguist will be notified via e-mail and asked to reopen the project.

  • By default, the project will remain on the workflow step that was active when the file was updated. An administrator can change this to start the workflow from the beginning after a file is updated. This is done universally (i.e the change affects all projects) by an Administrator using the instructions indicated here.

  • Due dates are not impacted when source content is added or replaced. Due dates can be updated at any time.

  • When a source file is updated, the segment status of any segments that still exist within the new source file will not be changed. E.g. If a segment exists in both the old and new version of the source file and was marked complete prior to the source file being updated, it will remain marked complete after the new version of the source is updated.