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Project definition
  • Projects are created to assign translation jobs to linguists.

  • Projects process one or more files from one source language to one or more target languages.

  • Each project is tied to a single customer. The project is a dynamic entity that changes over time, whereas a customer is more static.

Attributes contained in a project
  • Projects consist of:

    • A single customer; Assigned only when creating a new project


      The customer that is assigned during project creation can't be changed once a project is created.

    • A single workflow; The workflow is assigned only when creating a new project.


      The workflow assigned can't be changed after project creation. However, the steps within this workflow for the given project can be edited. This is done by a project manager after the project has been created by clicking the workflow tab and then the edit workflow button located near the top.

    • Users (Linguists), user groups, or LSPs; Assigned to the project workflow steps.


      This is done only after the project has been created.

    • Content to be translated (Source files or data from connectors); Assigned on the project configuration screens but can also be assigned on the customer configuration screens

Project creation strategy
  • When deciding how many and what projects to create, use the following strategy:

    • One project/template per connector (mandatory) or Web-Site for XTM Portal.

    • One project/template per workflow (example, multiple review steps vs a single review step for the same customer or machine translation-driven workflow).

    • One project/template per file type (optional). A single project can contain multiple files, each file with its own translation team. Therefore this is simply a visual preference and not a functional one.

    • One project/template for machine-translated Items with subsequent correction and review steps.

    • One project template for each customer with different release cycles or translation due dates.

Project types
  • These are the essential project types:

    • File-based (Part of default subscription)

    • XTM Portal (Paid option)

    • XTM Connect (Paid Option)