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Segment ID


A Segment ID is a universal term in XTM that can be applied to differentiate one string from another string containing the same text or to link a translation to a unique segment.

It can also be referred to as keys when using JSON, Android XML files, or a msgid when using PO files

  • Segment IDs are automatically created by XTM but are not visible to the end-user in XTM Workbench.

  • By default segment IDs are not generated from the source files, mainly because keys or segments in source files do not have fixed segmentation rules as segmentation rules are arbitrarily set by the developer in such files.

  • For example, each segment by default in XTM is a single sentence, however, in source files like JSON, a single key can have multiple sentences and paragraphs associated with it. This makes it impossible to create context ICE matches, as ICE matches require single sentences.

  • Tip

    To use the segment IDs (keys) contained in your source files, get in touch with your main point of contact at XTM. XTM can use the same keys in your source files as Segment IDs in XTM while enabling ICE matches.