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Subcontractor - LSP

Definition of a sub-contractor


In XTM, the contractor refers to the end client (I.e the company that bought XTM).

The subcontractor refers to the LSP hired by the contractor to complete the jobs or tasks assigned to them by the contractor.

  • Subcontractors are defined separately from contractors.

How does a subcontractor complete their jobs and tasks?
  • The subcontractor completes jobs or tasks using their instance of XTM, with users assigned in the subcontractor instance, by the subcontractor Project Manager.


    For security purposes, the contractor does not have any visibility into the subcontractor's user details and vice-versa.

    LSP users have no direct contact with the contractor's users.

    The downside is that the contractor can't view any statistics for individual LSP linguists.

  • The subcontractor's instance of XTM is synched in real-time with the contractor's instance.

  • Therefore the contractor can monitor the subcontractor's work in real-time within the XTM Workbench (linguist view) application.

XTM licensing for subcontractors
  • Follow this guide in order to add an LSP to XTM.