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User Groups


User groups are optional, and their primary purpose is task allocation.

They are unnecessary if all of your work is being conducted by LSPs.

User group definition
  • User Groups combine multiple users who have the same subject matter expertise (e.g pharmaceutical, high-tech, accounting, etc.) and language combination expertise.

  • The primary purpose of a user group is to provide the ability for a linguist to accept or reject a task or assignment for jobs sent for translation. User groups in XTM are able to dynamically assign linguists based on a preset allocation order as described here.

User group assignment
User group linguist allocation order
  • When User Groups are assigned to a workflow step, XTM allocates the work to an individual group member automatically in accordance with the following rules:

    1. Allocation Order:

      1. An email is initially sent to the first member of the group.

      2. The linguist can then accept or reject the task.

      3. If the task is rejected the next person in the group will receive the email and so on until a linguist accepts the task.


        Tasks can also be seen and accepted when opening up the XTM Workbench application

    2. First Come First Served:

      1. All group members will receive an email advising them that a new task is available.

      2. A user can then accept the task which will be recorded by XTM while informing the other group members that the task is no longer available

    3. Chat:

      1. A chat user group cannot be assigned to tasks in the workflow but can be added to any chat opened using XTM Messenger.