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Users specifically represent the internal company staff of the contractor (end client).

  • LSPs are defined separately from users In XTM they are also referred to as subcontractors.

  • A user role (Assigned in the user creation screen)

  • In the case of linguists, language combinations are assigned to them. (Assigned in the user creation screen after a user is created)


    Users are configured by administrators except for linguists who are usually configured by project managers. More details on who can create users can be found here.

  • In the case of linguists, workflow steps must be assigned to them.

  • Workflow steps within a defined project (Assigned in the project configuration screen).


    For linguists only:

    • When a currently active (i.e actively being translated) project requires additional linguists.

    • When a new project is created.

  • Workflow steps within a project template (Assigned in the project configuration screen).


    For linguists only when new projects need to be created using these linguists. It is preferable to add them to project templates instead of projects when creating new projects.

  • Customers (Assigned in the customer definition screen).


    For Project Manager roles only.

  • User groups (Assigned in the user group creation screens or the user management screens by the project manager role)


    For linguists only.

  • All of these assignments can only be performed by users with the project manager role.