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XTM Academy

Terminologists' guide to importing terminologies (glossaries)


The terminology implementation in XTM is described in detail here. Use this as a guide to determine your department's terminology requirements.


Each task to check off is included in the recommended sequential order to execute, along with a brief summary of its purpose and use cases. Please execute and check off the tasks in the order indicated in the checklist.

The items labeled as optional are not required for project delivery but are placed in the order in which they need to be executed nonetheless.

  • MANDATORY - Wait for an activation email confirming that the project manager has created your user account with the terminologist role.


    Alternatively, contact the project manager for confirmation.

  • MANDATORY - Contact the project manager and ensure that they have added at least one customer to XTM.

  • OPTIONAL - Prepare a terminology file to use as a template for importing data.Prepare a terminology file to use as a template


    This is useful for formatting the terminology file that will eventually be imported into XTM, as the original terminology file may be coming from a different TMS vendor, and such will be formatted differently.

  • OPTIONAL - Have the administrator contact the TM expert so that the TM Expert can extract terminologies from the translations they are importing from other TMS vendors.Bilingual terminology extraction


    Using a built-in, proprietary AI algorithm, XTM can look for the best term candidates in the source (monolingual) and/or target text (bilingual) in a TM file and extract them into a terminology file. The terminologist can then decide whether to approve these terms for use or not and import them into XTM Terminology.