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  • Workflows consist of individual steps which are performed sequentially, that are executed once a project is started.


    Linguists can accept or reject any workflow step assigned to them in a workflow.

    Therefore workflows can flow in both directions i.e. a user can reject a task, effectively pushing the workflow step back to the previous assignment in sequence.

  • Common Workflow steps are translation, review, correction, DTP, etc.

  • Workflows consist of:

    • Workflow steps


      Due dates can be added for each workflow step or they can be automatically calculated.

  • Workflows are assigned to:

    • Projects; Performed in the Workflows section of the project configuration screens.


      The workflow assigned can't be changed after project creation. However, the steps within this workflow for the given project can be edited . This is done by a project manager after the project has been created by clicking the workflow tab and then the edit workflow button located near the top.

    • Linguists are assigned to each workflow step in a project for a given language;