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Project manager's monitoring active projects checklist


The purpose of this checklist is to provide a guide on the common items that a Project Manager must monitor during the course of a project delivery cycle, where to find the information, and in some cases steps that can be taken to resolve any issues that may arise.

  • The four primary tools used within XTM and this checklist to monitor project status, view all reports and update projects are:

    • The project list.Opening the project list


      In all cases, all reports and monitoring tools within the project list can only be viewed within XTM.

    • Actions


      In most cases, all reports within the Actions menu are exported into Excel.

      • This menu also allows bulk changes to multiple projects, such as extending due dates and reassigning Project Managers

    • In both of the above cases use the Advanced Search tools to filter data.

    • Save the Advanced Searches for later use by using Project Filters.