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Machine translation troubleshooting guide for project managers


Use this guide if segments have not been automatically machine translated in Workbench.


For all items in this checklist, configurations need to be verified at the project and customer level by a project manager or at a global level by an administrator.

To determine which level configurations for MT need to be applied, consult this guide.


Machine translation settings at the project level override machine translation settings at the customer level which override machine translation settings at the global level.

  • Verify if MT matches exist: Click on each segment and on the bottom left and see if a match with metadata of MT:<enginename> will appear in the matches tab.

    • If a match appears, then autofilling has not been enabled for the MT vendor.

    • If a match does not appear, contact the administrator to check the subscription information or to verify that the proper MT engine has been selected.


      Typically if this is subscription-related, an error will appear once Workbench is opened and will then disappear. Contact the vendor of the MT engine for help as well.


      If your department has a unique MT subscription then a project manager can check the subscription information at the customer level.

  • If inline tags have not been copied over to the translations properly then check the configuration using these instructions.