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Rate cards for LSPs

  • Rate Cards can be also configured for LSPs.

  • Rate Cards can be configured in the LSP Instance of XTM and the End User Instance of XTM.

  • When configured on the LSP instance of XTM, the rates entered apply to the internal rates the LSP assigns to their translators, not what the end-user pays. Hence it approximates the costs incurred by the LSP.

  • LSP Rate cards are configured in:

  • To generate an estimation using LSP Rate Cards perform the following required tasks:

    • Add an LSP account as a linguist to all relevant workflow steps.

    • If the LSP account is set up as a dummy user account then nothing extra needs to be done to generate estimations.


      If taking advantage of the dummy user, then two LSP accounts to the same LSP need to be created, one for the dummy user and one for the basic account. This is because different rules govern dummy users when they are added as linguists to workflow steps.


      The advantage of using a dummy user is that estimates can be generated without having to add the LSP account to each workflow step. Each LSP has a checkbox to activate the dummy user.