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Metrics vs statistics (both initial and current)


Estimations are generated using one of two major calculation methods; Metrics or Statistics

  • Metrics represent the work that needs to be done (potentially)

  • Statistics represent the work that was actually done.

  • Metrics can be further segmented into initial (referred to as metrics in XTM) and current (referred to as current metrics in XTM).


    Statistics are always considered current.

    • Initial is used if the contents of the project were never updated while a project was active.

    • Current is used in continuous localization processes where project content is updated while the project is active.

  • Both analyze the segments in a file against the contents of translation memory in order to determine such items as words translated, corrected, etc.


    Metrics vs Statistics are relevant when linguists are paid. Some project managers prefer to refer to the work that was actually done (Statistics), while others just look at the TM leverage and don't count what the translator does outside of the original project scope (Metrics).

  • A file has the following Metrics:

    • 100 new words

    • 50 words are leveraged matches.

    • 10 words are ICE matches.


      I.e this means a total of 60 words can be automatically translated by translation memory, and don't require the intervention of a linguist.

    • 40 words need to be translated without the help of matches.

  • The translator goes ahead and skims through the file, and translates all new words but only modifies 10 words with leveraged matches and doesn't touch the ICE matches at all.

  • Their statistics look like this:

    • 100 new words:

    • 10 are edited translations of leveraged matches. (this may have potentially been out of the original scope)

    • 40 words were translated without the help of matches.


      I.e this means that instead of the 40 words requiring a linguist's translation calculated by metrics, statistics calculated a total of 50 words that needed either an edit or a new translation by a linguist.

    • A combination of 50 words (ICE and leveraged) matches were translated by TM and not the linguist.